Creating Small and User-Friendly Games


The gaming industry presents a massive opportunity in terms of revenue, exposure and financial freedom. It should already be obvious that this field is truly massive. From the largest gaming conglomerates to firms which are trying to break into such an impressive field, there are always a few basic concerns which need to be addressed.


There is always a concern in terms of copyright violations. Has the premise been created already? Is the title available? These are two very common questions which need to be addressed before the release of any platform.

Jurisdictional Issues

Unfortunately, the legal concerns will not end if there are no copyright problems. Let us use the average online casino game as an example. While it may very well be legal in a region such as the European Union, the same cannot always be said for other areas including the United States.

Knowledge is Power

Simply because a game is considered to be “small” (such as would be the case with a mobile application) does not necessarily signify that there are not other legal concerns to be addressed. Not only may jurisdictional issues apply, but yearly fees, certifications and advertising are other metrics which need to be addressed by qualified experts. These are some of the areas which consultancy firms such as can clarify. Knowledge is indeed power.


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