Creating Small and User-Friendly Games

The gaming industry presents a massive opportunity in terms of revenue, exposure and financial freedom. It should already be obvious that this field is truly massive. From the largest gaming conglomerates to firms which are trying to break into such an impressive field, there are always a few basic concerns which need to be addressed.Read More

Creating Software for Beginners

The world of computer programming can undoubtedly prove to be a very rewarding career. There are now a number of novices who hope to break into this massive field and it is not uncommon for them to first begin by understanding how basic software design functions. Of course, this is often easier said than done.Read More

Processors and CPUs

The microchip revolutionised electronics and forms the central part of any circuit board. Commonly referred to as a processor, their job is to take information and literally “process” it based on its programming. Processors are found in most modern consumer electronics from your Smartphone to your Smart TV, but the most powerful in the domesticRead More