How to keep updated with the latest computer hardware

motherboardsComputer hardware is continually evolving. Often we’re seeing that last year’s latest ‘must have’ products are this year’s ‘must get rid of’ products. That’s an exaggeration, but it emphasises the point that technology never stands still. So how can you possibly keep up? Well, here are some tried and tested ways.

Computer Hardware Magazines

There are plenty of online and print magazines, such as Computerworld, written by people who like to do nothing better than to test and write unbiased reports about the very latest computer hardware. They include large glossy pictures, specifications and test results all neatly laid out.

Computer Hardware Forums

These can be a more informative as you can get involved with people who are describing the latest hardware that they’ve just bought and ask very specific questions. That way you also get an idea of how good it is as new hardware doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better or more reliable than previous versions – just that it’s newer.

Computer Stores

There are two versions of computer stores – online and those in your town. Often it’s the same store having real bricks and mortar premises as well as their website.

The Online Store

Online stores show the latest computer hardware prominently splashed across their home page. They have to make sure it’s the latest because they’re in competition with their rivals. They need to show that they’re cutting edge retailers who know everything that’s happening in the computer hardware world.

The High Street Store

The advantage of a real store is that you can have a hands-on experience. Ideally, it should be a large store because a large store will always have manufacturers rushing to get the latest models to them as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, though, that the polite staff member helpfully answering your questions is hoping to actually sell you something – so don’t feel pressured.